The Roadvale Hotel offers: This weeks specials from July 30

Posted On 16/08/2017 by The Roadvale Hotel

30 July

  • Soup of the Day -  Pumpkin and Fennel

  • Wok Tossed Beef and mushrooms with Hoikken noodles, ginger, garlic, sweet chilli, Thai basil, oyster sauce. 

Linguini pasta with pan tossed King Prawns, garlic, dill, asparagus, cherry tomato, white wine, olive oil finished with rocket and smoked salmon.

Chicken breast stuffed with bacon, garlic and rosemary served with smashed Chat potato and honey glazed carrot with a creamy basil pesto sauce.

NEW DESSERT -  Vanilla and Lemon Baked Cheesecake -

with Almond Amaretto base and a Tangelo Glaze

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