About Us

The township of Roadvale was first established in the 1880s and by the early 1900s there were 3 hotels; the Radke, the Commercial and the Royal. In 1915 there was a fire which destroyed most of the township including all 3 hotels. The only hotel to be rebuilt was the Royal.

Fire once again burnt down the Royal hotel and it was rebuilt in the mid 1950s in it's present form. Going through a series of owners and briefly closing down in the early 1980s, the Royal hotel was purchased by it's current owners in 2016 and renamed to the Roadvale Hotel as this is what the majority of locals called it anyway.

The current owners came in with a plan to modernise the pub, whilst retaining it's historical links in order to blend the old with the new. A major renovation was done to the kitchen in order to allow the chefs to produce top quality food. All of the ingredients are locally sourced, often incorporating fruit and vegetables grown by locals and dropped off at the pub in exchange for a beer or two.

Sitting on an acre of land, the pub has plenty of room for parking and will soon have the addition of three cabins for overnight or weekend stay accommodation. The pub is ideally located for day trippers looking to enjoy the beauty of the Scenic Rim and Fassfern Valley.

When the nights get cooler, the pubs two fireplaces make for a cosy evening with friends, accompanied by good food and friendly service.